About Us

Spa, which combines the goodness of touch therapy and natural wellness, is a single word that means sure shot solution for stress, exhaustion and depression. Thai spa is a specialized form of spa that originated in Thailand, but transcended the boundary of the country and became popularized all over the world. The predominant reason for this immense demand for Thai spa all over the world had been its ability to cure various types of ailments from roots without the fear of any harmful side effects. It is amusing to note that this very concept that human touch can create magically healing actions was founded years ago and is being practiced for over 2500 since then. The physician of Lord Buddha, Shivago Komarpaj, is believed to be the proponent of this wondrous therapy.

The Siam Spa can be counted among the best luxury spa clinics in India that continuously make extensive study on the healing power of different types of spa techniques. This wellness clinic has also made simultaneous attempts to spread the wellness of spa treatment among masses. Hence, this noble intention of the Siam Spa has manifested in launching its professional spa at Lucknow to offer one of its kind plush and highly professional spa therapy.

The Siam Spa believes that the strategic location of the clinic in the heart of the city in Western India shall help it in serving an extensive range of interested customers with this miraculous healing therapy. This spa clinic stands apart from many other clinics spread all over the country in its commitment to provide quality of service that is worth the expectations of the esteemed clients. Basically, the prime intention of the clinic is to make clients optimally satisfied. Therefore, it makes earnest endeavors to ensure that clients get the best of treatment for the money they spend.

It is assumed that this dedication towards customers and keenness to provide authentic Thai spa therapy in an idyllic and calming ambience shall make The Siam Spa one stop destination for rejuvenating services like Hot Stone Therapy, Lomi Lomi Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Four hand Massage, hydrating and restoring facial treatments, body wrap, foot spa, and rose and milk bath under one roof.