Candle Massage

Duration: 60/90 minutes
With wind, fire, earth, water, essential oils

You must not miss our excellent candle massage as this warm sumptuous massage exfoliate, nourish and encourage skin cells to regenerate. The scented oils and aromatic candles would stimulate your senses.

Benefits: Candle therapy offers relief from a headache, anxiety, osteoarthritis, and stress.

Hot Stone Therapy

Duration: 90 minutes
With energizing oils

Hot stone therapy keeps you relaxed and heals your damaged tissues. The stones which are used are a type of volcanic stones made of basalt and are kept at the key points of the body.

Benefits: A fine stone massage would relieve you from muscle pain, tension, anxiety, and insomnia.

Four Hand massage

Duration: 60 minutes
With wind, fire, earth, water, essential oils

Four Hand massage is an excellent body relaxing spa where two therapists work on one client. Your mind and muscles would start relaxing as the two therapists hit your body. In this super relaxing massage, the therapists follow the mirror movement of each other.

Benefits: It eases your muscles; engage both of your brains as it stimulates both the emotional and logical side of your brain.

Royal Thai Massage

Duration: 90 minutes

Do you wish to experience a traditional therapy? If so then this special massage is apt for you. This ancient massage would increase your blood circulation and flexes your muscles.

Benefits: Royal Thai massage release your back pain, and is beneficial for arthritis patients. This improves one's breathing, athletic performances, and energy level.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Duration: 60/90 minutes

The literary meaning of the word ‘lomilomi’ is Hawaiian massage. In this massage, the therapists provide continuous flowing strokes deep into the muscles which allow the client to relax.

Benefits: It releases your tension, boosts your energy and rejuvenates your muscles.

Sports Massage

Duration: 90 minutes

Sports massage is here to revive the muscles, to improve the flexibility and to prevent injuries. This very massage technique focuses especially on the areas of the body which are overused and often experience aggressive movements. The strokes heal the muscle pain, let them relax and improve endurance.

Benefits: One of the major benefits of sports massage is it hits the muscle-tendon junctions and heals the damage.

Thai Body Massage

Duration: 60/90 minutes
Uses no products

Thai body massage combining acupressure is a traditional system that heals muscles. This massage treatment works on body pressure point principals. This treatment requires no oil or lotions but a cloth to cover the client. A constant contact takes place between the therapists and the receiver.

Benefits: In this process, the muscles are not rubbed but pulled compressed and stretched which allows the body to relax and improve the blood circulation.

Swedish Massage

Duration: 60/90 minutes

Is it your first time at the spa? If yes then Swedish massage is apt for you as this massage is best to start with. This is one of the popular and common massages in the west. In this process, the therapists lubricate the skin of the recipient with quality massage oil and perform strokes to energize the body cells.

Benefits: It releases the stress and anxiety, revives your body cells and improves blood circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Duration: 60/90 minutes

Deep tissue massage break the scar tissues allow them to reabsorb in the muscles. Its slow strokes hit the deeper layers of the muscles and release muscles tightness, chronic aches, and sore shoulders.

Benefits: It improves postural issues, osteoarthritis pain, upper back pain and chronic muscles pain.

Element Body Massage

Duration: 60 minutes
With wind, fire, earth, water, essential oils

This massage strokes work well on your body muscles and allow your tension and anxiety to be removed. The strokes rejuvenate the cells and thus allow your skin to glow than before. Experience this splendid massage and let your nerves relax for a while.

Benefits: Improve your sleep, maintain your blood pressure and flexes your muscles.

Wellness Relaxing

Duration: 60/90 minutes

As the name stands this massage fully focus on the muscles and lead them to relax. The deep massage strokes help the whole nervous system to stay calm and thus the muscle tension is released.

Benefits: Relaxes your muscles, release muscles pain and headache, activate the body parts.

Wellness Detoxifying

Duration: 60/90 minutes

This is one of the famous massage techniques. This is a Thai technique which detoxifies your body and revives your skin cells.

Benefits: The fine strokes repair the scar tissues and improve the skin. It cleanses the skin pores and stretches the muscles.

Body Scrub

Duration: 60 minutes
With energizing oils

The body scrub is one of the demanding body treatment that leaves your skin soft and smooth. This process can be renamed as the facial of the body as it hydrates and exfoliates your skin in order to make it more fresh and lovely.

Benefits: This rubs your skin hard and makes it more soft and smooth. After body scrub, your skin is glorified as it sloughs off dead skin cell from your skin.

Body Wrap

Duration: 120 minutes

There are different body wrap services are available with different purposes. All you have to do is to choose the particular experience you are looking for.

Benefits: Body wrap Improves the skin texture and heals the damaged tissues.

Mee Thaawng Massage

Duration: 60 minutes

This massage stands as a special treatment for pregnant women. The soft strokes improve the blood circulation and relax the whole nervous system.

Benefits: This massage is suitable for pregnant women as it eases the muscles.

Balinese Massage

Duration: 60 minutes

Balinese massage is popular for its beneficial attributes that work deep on the muscles and heal the damaged cells.

Benefits: This very process relieves the back pain, stretches the muscles, and de-stress your mind.

4 Element Aroma Foot Massage

Duration: 30/45/60 minutes
With wind, fire, earth, water, essential oils

Aroma foot massage is an excellent relaxing foot massage that allows you to relax and sleep. Its deep de-stressing strokes ease the muscles and heal the broken tissues.

Benefits: This special foot massage provides mental relaxation and good health.

Foot Massage with Herbal Ball Compress

Duration: 60/90 minutes

There is a variety of dried herbs which are wrapped in a cotton ball is called the herbal ball that is used in this process. These herbs are immensely used in the Thai medicine.

Benefits: The strokes hit deep into the key points of the muscles and heals the pain.

Aroma Foot Spa- Softening

Duration: 45/60 minutes

This special foot treatment keeps your feet smooth and soft. The massage strokes cleanse the skin pores, nourish, and improve blood circulation.

Benefits: As it increases blood circulation the scar cells are removed and detoxify the skin.

Aroma Foot Spa - Detoxifying

Duration: 45/60 minutes
With tea tree oil

This special treatment is to ease your feet and relax the feet muscles. Experience this superb foot spa and forget your tiresome walk.

Benefits: It softens your skin, improves your reflex and elevates your energy level.

Aroma Foot Spa - Deodorant & Anti Irritation

Duration: 45/60 minutes
With lemongrass oil

For this massage pure essential oil is needed to provide effective strokes on the feet.

Benefits: It stimulates the feet muscles, ease your mind and let you relax completely.

Aroma Foot Spa- Muscle Relaxation

Duration: 45/60 minutes

In this process, the key points of your feet are targeted and the strokes work on the feet tissues. Benefits: This excellent foot spa makes you forget all your tension and lead you to complete ease.

Rose Honey & Milk Bath

Duration: 30 minutes

Let yourself relax in a bathtub full of milk, surrounded by scented candles, oils, aroma shampoo and rose petals floating in the tub.

Ear Spa

Duration: 30 minutes

This special spa is to release you from head congestion that takes place due to allergies and cold. It improves the regulation of ear pressure.

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Duration: 30/45/60 minutes

Easing your shoulder and neck is a notable step that you must remember. Free your shoulder for a while from carrying the world and let it relax.

Face & Head Massage

Duration: 30 minutes

You must not miss this wonderful opportunity of refreshing your face and head. This energetic massage stimulates your brain cells and clears the jam of your brain.


Duration: 20 minutes

It is a part of body spa. Experience this to ease your muscles.


Duration: 20 minutes

A steam bath is very effective to remove stress and tension. It cleans the pores and allows you to look fresh.

Facial for Detoxifying

Duration: 60 minutes

A facial is a face treatment that purifies the skin pores by intense massage. Experience this excellent facial to reduce the blemishes and dark spots on your skin.

Facial for Anti-Acne

Duration: 60 minutes

Are you fed up with your pimples and acnes? Then this treatment is just for you. Experience this treatment and have a clearer skin than before.

Facial for Skin Whitening

Duration: 60 minutes

Do you find your face dull and pale? If so then you must not worry as this treatment promises to bring your glow back soon.

4 Element Facial treatment

Duration: 60 minutes

Experience this splendid treatment and look gorgeous than before.